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January 2018

During January 2018, it brought more snow and rain than usual with a total of 6.00 inches of precipitation to the Blue Hills. The 6.00 inches was almost 2 inches more than the long term 120-year average and the 30-year mean.


On the days 12th and 13th instead of snow it rained because it was unseasonably warm with a temperature of 60 degrees. During those 48 hours, 2.28 inches fell on the Blue Hills.


On January 14th I videoed the impact of what 2.28 inches of rain had on the level of the Pine Tree Brook and why it is crucial to keep the brook open from blockage.


It takes days for the brook to flush itself of all the polluted run-off stormwater. Unfortunately, all that polluted run-off ends up in the Neponset River.

After viewing the video, two things are apparent: the Unquity Dam cannot be removed or modified because it works, and the brook must be free of debris that can cause it to back up. 

We may never see the 15 inches of rain that fell in 1955 in our lifetime, but you may never know. 

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