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Mohawk is a red winged hawk born and raised on the Pine Tree Brook. He was born with 2 other chicks in late spring of 2018 and the photos here are during January 2019 making him about 9 months. It is unknown at this time the status of the other 2 hawks. The first winter is the hardest on a young hawk and many don't survive due to a number of reasons including starvation. The below video was taken in August of 2018 just after Mohawk and his 2 siblings were kicked out of the nest. The crying went on for 10 days until they left the area. He would return during the summer of 2019 with another female hawk named Cher and raised 3 chicks.


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Crying Hawks

Crying Hawks

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The little hawks just didn't know what was happening. Why weren't they being fed. They cried for 10 days till they finally went out on their own.
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